Nordic Equities Select

Nordic Equities Select is a special fund for risk diversification. The fund consist normally of less than 25 positions and mainly equities. The fund’s holdings are a concentrate of financial instruments that we consider most interesting based on market value and growth potential.  The fund is able to hold a majority of the portfolio in liquid assets.

Nordic Equities Select has a lower volatility than the other funds of the company. An alternative for those who prefer a more focused portfolio with a diversified exposure against the stock market.

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The Nordic Equities’ funds value may vary due to the fund’s composition and the methods used.

NE Select is traded monthly and minimum amount of first subscription is one million SEK.

Share value 2018-09-14 2018-08-31 2017-12-29 Dividend SEK/share
SEK/share 1249,2471 1261,0735 1180,0994 2017-12-29: 6,4135


Performance 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
5,86% 9,38% 2,18% 10,16% 11,61% 15,81%

The return is calculated after fees and including dividends and issues.

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General risk information

There is no guarantee that an investment in the Nordic Equities` funds will not result in a loss, even at times when financial markets are otherwise performing favorably. Past performance is no guarantee of future return. The value of the capital invested in the Nordic Equities’ funds may increase or decrease and investors in the Nordic Equities’ funds cannot be certain of recovering all their invested capital.